In 2018, Blackmagic Design introduced its own RAW video format, hoping it would become an international standard.

The format is « open source » and multi-platform.
The codec is developed with the aim of enabling video editing and processing on a regular computer.
The video profiles range from 12:1 (basic quality) to 3:1 (high quality).
Below, we have identified the three main categories of issues our customers encounter:

1. Power Supply
Your equipment or device shuts down during recording, and the clip is not finalized.

2. Software

BRAW files get corrupted when copied to a PC/hard drive or other storage media.
Error message « File Import Failure, cannot open file in DaVinci Resolve nor Premiere. »
Checksum error in Shotput Pro.

3. Storage Support
The SD card cannot keep up with the writing speed (bitrate).
The SSD (flash drive) used in your URSA recorder is not readable.
Accidental erasure or formatting of your CFast card.
Card becomes full, causing recording to stop (the BRAW file is not finalized).