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Recovering data from a regular SD or CF card usually poses no problems. We perform a chip-off process to extract the NAND chips. However, data recovery from a micro SD card or a mini USB is much more complex since the components are embedded in a polymer.

95% recovery rate

One of the highest success rates in the industry. If the data is unrecoverable, you pay nothing!

Over 10,000 cases handled

We have accumulated significant experience and have access to a large number of mappings and pinouts.

Over 26 PB of recovered data

Twenty-six Petabytes of data represent a little over 26,000 Terabytes, equivalent to several thousand disks.

Recovery in 48 hours

Express recovery and free download link

Cleanroom Environment

Used only for hard drive data recovery!

No cleanroom environment is required for recovering data from your Micro SD card.

Trust Us!

We will recover all your lost data.